With Yummy Dough, kids can have more hands on activities at home. Its simple and easy to make. Parents do not have to buy many ingredients and the hassle of cleaning up a dirty kitchen. Just adding a small amount of water to the flour mixture and that’s all you need! Bake them into cookies and give them as souvenirs to friends and relatives. At Play Bake Eat, we organise workshop and activities related to Yummy Dough. We also offer Birthday Packages and and Gift Packs to be given to friends for your kids birthday. Interested to become a retailer? Contact Us to find out more.

June Holiday Workshop 2016

June Holiday Yummy Dough Workshop

Date: 3 and 17 June 2016 (Friday) 4.15-5.30pm
Venue: Busy Tables
Address: 35 Rochester drive #03-22, Singapore 138639
Fees: $40 per child
To register: email to busytables@gmail.com
Adults are required for kids below 4 years old.

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Want to find out more about conducting workshops for your event? Have a birthday party coming up? Check out the birthday packages that we provide. For Bulk Purchases or Retailer who are keen to sell Yummy Dough we welcome you to write to us! Send your email to contactus@play-bake-eat.com